How much does a tractor tire weigh

They may weigh between 400 and 800 pounds each, according to the information presented in the introduction. Some large tractor tires are lighter than others, ranging between 550 and 650 pounds. The weight of this size tractor tire is dictated by the tire’s wear patterns and the amount of metal contained within it. Extra Large Tractor Tires

So, how much does a tractor tire weigh? The average weight of a rear tractor tire is 600 pounds, while the front tires weigh significantly less, around 30 pounds. The combined weight of tractor tires ranges between 800 pounds.

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A compact tractor’s tire size ranges between 17.5 feet to 25 feet and has a maximum weight of 300 pounds. A car tire weighs around 25 pounds, while a light-duty truck’s tire (similar to a tractor) weighs about 200 pounds. So, a compact tractor …

Tractor Weight(lbs) Diameter (mm) Tire Weight(lbs) Case IH: Steiger 400: 36048: 2088: 741: FENDT: 930 Vario: 24912: 2061: 686: FENDT: 933 Vario: 24912: 2061: 686: NEW HOLLAND: T9.435 Wheeled: 38571: 2061: 686: NEW HOLLAND: T9.480 Wheeled: 39820: 2061: 686: NEW HOLLAND: T9.530 Wheeled and SmartTrax™ 39820: 2061: 686: NEW HOLLAND: T9.565

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What is the average weight of a tractor tire?

There are 4 different sizes of tractor tire ranging from small through to extra large. All of these tire types have different weights, but if you’re looking for a broad answer, the average tractor tire will weigh between 400 and 600 pounds.

What is the average cost of a tractor trailer tire?

How Much Do Semi Tires Generally Cost? Prices for tires used on semis vary widely depending on the size of the tire and the manufacturer, though prices between $400 and $600 are typical as of 2016. Some tires can cost as little as $300, while high-fuel-efficiency tires can cost up to $1,200 per tire.

How to make easy tractor tire weight?

Cheap way to load tractor tires with windshield fluid. Yes I know this is not the heaviest fluid. But it is cheap, and you can do it with the tire on the tra…

How to weight tractor tires?

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