How much air pressure in tractor tires

So, while a standard radial tractor tire may need 35 PSI to pull a heavy planter on the road, “by putting an IF tire on that tractor, we can reduce that inflation …

New tractor tires are normally inflated to 30 psi when shipped from the factory to minimize bouncing on the trailer. Dealers may overlook reducing the tire pressures or may not reduce the pressure to the proper level for the load on the axle.

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So I was talking to my FIL today about tractors and tire pressure came up, he said the old farmer method for air pressure in loaded tires goes …

Ask almost any farmer what tire pressure is correct and you’ll get a wide range of answers. Some might say 15 psi is correct, that three or four …

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What is the proper tire air pressure to use?

Ride comfort and performanceLoad capacityTraction and WearFuel economy

How to choose the right air pressure for your tires?

Selecting the right tire size for your carReading tire size documentation. What do all these letters and numbers mean? …Load index. The load index rating is the maximum capacity of a passenger car tire, calculated from the maximum permissible axle load range between two tires.Speed index. …Choosing the correct tire size. …Replacing fewer than four tires. …

How much air pressure should I run in my tires?

Tire air pressure ????tidefan99. New to the RZR world and am in the learning process. …Hughwstewart. Also interested.SSonnentag. Too soft and you get more flats. …tidefan99. Another reason for asking is this, I have tires that have 1400 miles on them and are probably half worn down, my friends are new.MUNCIETimmiPirate. …44371. …maverickma. …bamaloneforut. …

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What is the best air pressure for Mini Cooper Tires?

Safety on the roadOptimizing tire performanceExtending the life of the tire treadImproving fuel economyImproving handling, cornering, steering and stability while driving

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