How does a tractor sprinkler work

The arms are connected to the worm gear, and the momentum engages the gear within the transmission. The rotational force generated turns the tractor’s rear …

Traveling sprinklers do just that, without using any electrical or gasoline power. In this article, we’ll investigate the driving force behind tractor

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Tractor sprinklers are mobile units fitted with swinging overhead sprinklers to provide moisture to designated spots in your homestead. The units are also designed with self-leveling platforms that prevent them from tipping …

All water entering your house from the water company has pressure behind it — typically 40 to 60 psi (pounds per square inch). When you …

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How does a sprinkler work?

The water flows through a pipe in the sprinkler and out through two connected sprinkler arms. As the water pushes out, it exerts an equal and opposite force back on the arms (this is the same principle behind rockets and jet engines ). The two arms are bent at the end so that the force pushes on each arm at an angle.

What is a tractor sprinkler?

A tractor sprinkler is an innovative product for your lawn that can take the work out of watering. These types of walking or traveling sprinklers have been around for many years, but they are gaining popularity today.

How does a tractor sprinkler shut off work?

When the sprinkler reaches the end of its path, it activates its automatic shut-off. In the simplest design, the automatic shut-off trigger is a small ramp at the end of the tractor’s path. When the tractor sprinkler reaches this ramp, the front wheel travels over it, just as if it were another hill in the yard.

What does the plunger do on a tractor sprinkler system?

The plunger stops the water from reaching the sprinkler arms, shutting down the tractor. That’s really all there is to it. It’s a simple conversion of the force of water pressure to a rotational force on the wheels. For more information about traveling sprinklers, check out the links below.

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