How big is a tractor tyre

Standard, Radial, and Metric Tractor Tire Sizes. Tractor tire sizes can be written in many different formats. Sometimes you will see a size written like 11.2×24 or you may see it like 11.2-24. Use the table below to help you find radial tire size equivalents and metric conversions. If you have any questions, just give us a call at 1-800-225-9513, or email us. …

Tractor Brand: Tire Size: Diameter (mm) Tire Weight(lbs) Case IH: 420/85 R34: 1578: 245: Case IH: 480/70R28: 1425: 229: Case IH: 540/65R28: 1412: 270: Case IH: 600/65R28: …

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“9.5” is the width of the tire in inches. “22” is the diameter of the rim in inches. So, if you have a 22" rim, you can put an 8.3-22, a 9.5-22, or a 10-22 on the same rim without any issues. Tire Style #2

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