Can i drive a tractor on the road

Your tractor may not need headlights or brake lights in the field, but you can’t drive it on a road without them. All tractors must have two forward-facing headlights, a red tail light that’s continuous and visible for 500 feet, and hazard lights. Those hazards must be activated when you’re on a public road as an extra warning to other drivers that you may not be up to the …

However, the law is clear on the subject – it is illegal for anyone under the age of 13 to drive or ride on a combine or tractor even if it is fitted with a passenger seat.

Driving Your Tractor on the Road

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It might be frustrating to get stuck behind tractors, and you might wonder if it is even legal for them to be on the road. But the answer is, yes, it is perfectly legal to drive tractors on roads. According to AGDAILY, laws vary from state …

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