Are same tractors any good

SAME is cheap and cheerful, you get a lot of tractor for the money. A lot of farmers don’t like them because they want to impress their neighbours with JD’s or Fendts etc. We don’t care about such things and have been running a fleet of SAME for more than 20 years I guess. Last non SAME we bought was a new IH784 so that puts some sort of date on it.

Same tractors. Thread starter massey 6480; Start date ; massey 6480 Well-Known Member. #1 Not sure if there’s a thread for them . Views / opinions on a same Antares 110 . No little about them but look a good block of a tractor. Tia … Good lump of a tractor as you say

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Well folks, in the end bought a 2001 Same Explorer II 90 with loader from uk. Went over myself a year ago when sterling was good exchange. It came with a MX Loader. And dealer provided 2 brackets for any implements. So far so good. ITs rock solid. The one i bought had the clutch replaced as the prev owner reported it slightly slipped.

4. John Deere Model B. Priced at $1,900 ,456 units of the John Deere Model B were manufactured from 1935-1952. This tractor was more compact than the Model …

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Are John Deere tractors any good?

They have all been exceptionally good tractors except the lambo which had been abused from new and I had to spend a fair bit getting it back in order but once done was a good tractor. The brakes are excellent as they brake on front and rear, in general they will stop you pretty sharply.

Do farmers still use tractors?

Whether it’s plowing a field or feeding cattle hay, tractors are a pretty basic necessity on most farms and ranches. Although tractors have seen vast improvements in convenience, comfort and versatility over the early models, there are many beloved classics that farmers still love and cherish.

What are the top-ranked tractors of all time?

The full list can be viewed in the magazine, but here are five of the top-ranked tractors: 1. FARMALL Model H Manufactured from 1939-1953, a total of 391,227 units were built, and this tractor cost $2,000 in 1953. This was the second of International Harvester’s legendary letter series tractors.

Are Lamborghini tractors any good?

They seem good tractors and are very popular locally, quick on the road too. I worked for Lamborghini dealer years ago basically the same thing Nothing really a issue more than any other make! Bottom of the gear stick brakes if your to keen in your gear changing but should it brake it’s about 25 minutes to change

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