Are leyland tractors any good

If they say 70 hp, it might be a model 270 which was a good one. 384 model not so good as it had the old style engine that was in the 465 Nuffield and it was a stinker. May also be a 272 or a …

Nuffield tractors were good but the 4/65 killed them off. ive got nothing against the 4/65 in fact my dad owns a 4/65 however as good as it was few people bought them due to a bad …

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Are leyland tractors any good? Posted on by ItsMBU. … Marshall Tractors Ltd was the company set up following the purchased by Nickerson group of the …

Leyland tractors. Thread starter Kieran97; … wet brakes were fine, as good as any other wet brake of the time. 285 would have been slow and harder to mechanic on brakes as …

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