Are chinese tractors any good

Just looking for information on chinese tractors,Does any one have a opinion on what in there opinion is the best quality/reliable chinese brand tractor made or a stand out in the crowd,I mean it seems in the US/ John deere seems good and reliable/Kubota seems to have great customer satisifaction and is easy to get parts for ect, What are the …

The resulting John Deere Tiantuo Company, which is 51% owned by Deere, involved a $21m (£14m) joint investment to build 55-80hp tractors. …

Chinese tractors. Please share your experiences

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If I was in the market for another tractor I would have no hesitation in buying another chinese tractor. Are they as good as a JD/Kubota/MF etc., no of course not, but they are half the price. If you had to rely on a tractor for your livelihood you would go the brand name, but for a hobby farm they are fine.

It measures 1.65 metres wide and, in cabbed format, is just more than 2.5m high. Power take-off engagement is helped with a new electro-hydraulic switch, and radial rather than cross-ply tyres are …

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Are there any good tractors in China?

Yes there are also few better tractors than the average Chinese tractor in China but still far behind western tractors. Just do your homework very good before you buy. Kobie, I’d guess your company was Midway Sales. Their tractors, the Dong Feng looked quite good.

What is the life expectancy of a cheap Chinese tractor?

Quite a number of people I know have bought cheap Chinese tractors and they give no end of trouble and, imo, have a life expectancy of less than 5 years.

What is the biggest problem with the Chinese tractor dealers?

Quality is still very big problem and will still take some time to catch up . Over promesse and zero delivery. Very few Chinese tractor dealers out side China survive more than few years. As the cost of giving after sales service just to expensive in warranty time . The amount of parts these dealers must carry is also very big investment .

Should I buy a Kubota or Chinese made tractor?

Do yourself a favour and buy a Kubota, even a second hand one will serve you better than those cheapies. Worst case have a look at Indian built tractors. They’re a bit sturdier than the Chinese built ones but still miles behind a Kubota. mobydisc writes…

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